The joy of learning to play is dependent on an instrument’s sound and feel. Casio’s 40 years of musical instrument expertise is evident in our keyboards and digital pianos, which inspire students, educators, and performers around the world every day.


Remember your first Casio? We bet it still works. Our proven designs are obsessively tested and backed with generous warranties, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.


All of Casio’s education keyboards feature class-compliant USB ports that require no drivers or installation to connect to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device. This opens up a world of possibilities with MIDI software, as well as our own Chordana Play apps.


Casio provides unprecedented value on any budget, delivering world-class instruments that go far beyond your expectations.








My Privia (PX-100) has been my stalwart companion through countless productions and gigs. It balances a great feel under my fingers with ease of transport. The on-board sound patches are great, and the keyboard also easily functions as part of my Mainstage set-up for musicals.

Cheryl Forest Morganson

Pianist and Music Director, Champaign, IL

The first (and only) keyboard I ever had was a Casio Privia PX-100, and I love it. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the newer models, but weighted keys were a must with me, and this keyboard has a wonderful weighted action and a beautiful sound for an older model. The main thing I enjoy about it is its versatility. I have used it as a MIDI controller, composing tool with Sibelius and Finale, and it has even traveled with me for numerous gigs (sometimes even 12 hours away!). It is easy to transport, yet highly durable. I have had mine now for 14 years, and it still runs like the first day I got it. Highly recommend the Privia series if you want quality at an affordable price point.

Mike McAndrew

DMA student, Vocal Coaching and Accompanying, University of Illinois
Young Artist, Opera Saratoga

During this uncertain time, I am still able to enjoy music making thanks to the Casio keyboard! The weight of the keys and the tone produced are similar to a grand piano which fulfill my urge of practicing on a grand piano. I am also able to try out MIDI recording using the keyboard which is a new discovery for me. Casio keyboard has given me different insights of the possibilities of a keyboard.

Cadis Ying Jie Lee

DMA student in Vocal Accompanying and Coaching, University of Illinois
Opera/Musical Theater vocal coach/pianist

I purchased a CGP-700 for my voice studio and have used it in innumerable ways, from accompanying students to instant transposition, and from touring to on-campus concerts. It’s such an authentic piano sound for such an incredible price.

Chris Ludwa

Assistant Professor of Music at Kalamazoo College and Artistic Director of the Kalamazoo Bach Festival

At the PiM Arts High School, We were looking for high quality, study instruments that did not require the regular maintenance traditional pianos required and could be used in a variety of musical situations from classical, jazz, to modern applications.  We use these keyboards for practice and performance applications, and the PX-S1000s that now outfit our theory lab have created quick pathways to connecting theory content to musical application. Our students have been thrilled with the hammer-action touch and incredible sound quality of the GP300 Hybrids, and the flexibility of the PX-S3000s and PX5Ss made a great addition to our musical pit orchestra.  We couldn’t be more thrilled with our purchase and are looking forward to working with Casio for years to come.

The Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School is an arts high school that serves students in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and is proud to be the first in the nation Casio School.

Matt McFarlane,

Executive Director

In this time of remote learning I am both using and recommending Casio keyboards for musical performance and study. I’ve always been very impressed by the Privia line for its sound, feel, portability, value and cost.

I teach collaborative piano and am a vocal coach at the University of Illinois which involves teaching both pianists and the singers. The 88-note weighted action of the Privias have been great for our student pianists who may not have regular access to acoustic grand pianos. The new Casiotones are a convenient, inexpensive, and portable 61 note keyboard. The Casiotones are great for our vocal, class piano, and theory/composition students.

I wholeheartedly recommend Casio instruments to any serious pre-professional and professional musicians needing a quality portable digital piano.

Casey Robards

Clinical Asst. Prof. (Keyboard/Voice),
University of Illinois.

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